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LED Car Detailing Light Tunnels Manufacturer and Supplier from China, Custom size and design order welcome

SinoStar has been a professional car detailing light manufacturer and supplier in China since 2000.  We manufacture and export high-quality and high-performance LED car detailing Light Tunnels for garages, car detailing workshops, polishing, automobile displays, and car shows.

Light tunnel for car detailing market is growing very fast and it is very popular with our Light Tunel, Hexagon Grid Light, and Honeycomb Lights for car detailing jobs.

We accept OEM and ODM orders with your own brand.  We can ship directly to your warehouse and take care of the shipment, import duty, and tax.  Fast delivery only 5-7 days. The lowest Price is Guaranteed. 

LED Light Tunnel is perfect for any automotive display or work. The tunnel comes with a power that plugs into your standard wall socket. Once set up plug it in and turn it on. SinoStar Light Tunnel is a perfect focal piece for any commercial or private building, space, or venue with its brilliant 6500K White Light and 110-120 lm/w Luminous flux rating. LED Light Tunnel comes in an aluminum frame alongside a polycarbonate cover, perfect for long-term durability, style, and easy modification. 

Light Tunnels E1010 B A