UVC Germicidal Lights

SinoStar Lighting is a China UV germicidal lamp manufacturer and provide OEMs and ODMs with the best innovative UV products as well as exceptional customer service.

SinoStar Lighting is a China leaders in the lighting industry and have the resources to deliver an unmatched flexible supply and quick turnaround. Over 20 years of collective experience gives us the ability to design and develop patented, proprietary technologies that are transforming the lighting industry. We deliver the best solutions with our large selection of standard lamps or fully customized products.

UV Germicidal Lamp Manufacturers

OEMs of any size benefit from our extensive in-house resources of modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants as well as a large research and development division. Many clients opt for a nonstandard lamp designed to fulfill needs that are critical to a specific germicidal application rather than build their equipment around a lamp from our standard, off-the-shelf models.

In this situation, our team works with an OEM from prototype right through to the finished product. As the foremost UV germicidal lamp manufacturers, our specialty lamps can be completely customized from the length and diameter, power, fitting sockets, and ceramic bases. Our proprietary ceramic bases are preferred for germicidal and ozone producing lamps due to their resistant to UVC radiation, ozone, heat and moisture and have a high-quality appearance. If required, other base materials are available.

We provide full range of UV Germicidal Lamps

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